Tone down the schedule

Tone down the schedule

So the Bison picked up their second baseball win over a Big Ten team this season with a 7-3 decision over the Gophers. They defeated Iowa last month.

Problem is, it was only NDSU’s seventh win in 39 games. And this is where NDSU head coach Mitch McLeod and I agree to disagree.

He likes the tough schedule; says it makes his team better and he wants to find out where his program is at. He says mounting losses is not a reason for alarm.

I differ. The Bison are 2-3 against Mid-Continent Conference teams this year — the type of competition they should go after. Loss after loss injects a lethargic feeling into a team. When the game is over, players don’t care how bad or good the other team was. The game is about winning and a few victories do wonders for the morale.

I’m not saying don’t schedule a Big Ten or Big 12 team. Throw a handful of those in every now and then. But by and large, play the teams of your caliber and in NDSU’s case, that would be mid-major competition.

I say this from experience. As a college player back when Duran Duran was popular, we would go down to Texas and get our rear ends handed to us. The only positive were the dog teams that we would play once in awhile — and beat. I don’t recall learning much from getting beat 15-0 by Texas Southern.

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