Turf Technology Cover New to Toyota Stadium

Turf Technology Cover New to Toyota Stadium

The sight of former NDSU head coach Craig Bohl walking onto the turf at Toyota Stadium for the 2013 title game, and his look of disappointment if not anger, will not soon be forgotten. It was right after the Bison got off the bus and did their customary initial walk and jog on a visiting field. Bohl noticed right away the turf was loose. NDSU defeated Towson 35-7 in that championship game, but fans and TV viewers got constant glimpses of clumps of turf being dislodged from the field. Between possessions and during TV timeouts, and at halftime, maintenance personnel did their best to try and clamp the grass back into place. The reason for the loose turf was the weather: the field was re-sodded in November before the title game, but an ice storm followed by uncommon freezing weather prevented the roots from taking hold into the soil.

Anyway, new technology will help prevent that.

It was 42 degrees in Frisco on Friday. But the field in Toyota Stadium was covered by a green cover known in the business as a poly woven growth trap. It acts like a poly house over the grass to keep it warm and growing in the cold. It can be removed in an hour if the temperature gets above 55.

Initial long-range forecast for Frisco next weekend, by the way, calls for temperatures in the 50s.


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